Job involvement, motivation, and satisfaction are known to be increased by several aspects of the work environment. People are more likely to be motivated if the following conditions are met:
  • The work feels meaningful and important to the employee.
  • The employee has control over many aspects of their work such as if they can set their own hours and make decisions.
  • The variety of tasks, in contrast to repetitiveness.
  • The company maintains clear and consistent rules.
  • The employee has supportive relationships with their superiors and co-workers.
  • The employee receives useful feedback about their work, so that they know what they have accomplished and what they need to do to improve.
  • The company offers opportunities for its employees to learn and advance.

Companies that encourage these conditions tend to have more productive and contented employees. Under these circumstances workers have a tendency to become more creative in their thinking and feel better about themselves and their work than those who feel stuck in routine, with boring jobs that give them no control or flexibility over their daily tasks. Conversely, achievement motive declines when people with high achievement motivation are put into situations that frustrate their desires and abilities to succeed, causing them to become dissatisfied and stressed out.

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