"Yellow Car" is a game played by English schoolkids (and me).

It's simple. If you see a yellow car (a rare occurance - this isn't Manhattan!), you must shout "YELLOW CAR" as fast as you can. The last person to say "yellow car" loses this particular game and may be punched in the arm by each of his opponents.

The game continues, unannounced, for the rest of time, hence, any time I see a yellow car, I still say "YELLOW CAR" to avoid those blows!
P.S. a car is an automobile, but E2 could tell you that anyhow.

The rules of the yellow car game are as follows:

  • When you see a yellow car you may, at your leisure, punch a nearby person after announcing "yellow car".
  • You may also punch somebody after announcing the sighting of a mini.
  • You may punch somebody twice (or two people once each) after announcing the sighting of a yellow mini (hint: the Isle of Man has a driving school which uses yellow minis).
  • You may not return a punch for the sighting of a car.
  • A car is defined in this context as anything with at least four wheels (thus bicycles do not count, but roller-skaters do).
  • A car is "yellow" if at least 50% of its painted exterior is yellow.

I am unsure as to the origins of the game, but these are the rules played by a number of archers at the University of Bradford.

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