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A place in space-time signifying the present time and place usually in reference to the future.

An interesting concept because most of our references to the present are relative to the past.

Yet (?), n. Zool.

Any one of several species of large marine gastropods belonging to the genus Yetus, or Cymba; a boat shell.


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Yet, adv. [OE. yet, [yogh]et, [yogh]it, AS. git, gyt, giet, gieta; akin to OFries. ieta, eta, ita, MHG. iezuo, ieze, now, G. jetzo, jetzt.]


In addition; further; besides; over and above; still.

"A little longer; yet a little longer."


This furnishes us with yet one more reason why our savior, lays such a particular stress acts of mercy. Atterbury.

The rapine is made yet blacker by the pretense of piety and justice. L'Estrange.


At the same time; by continuance from a former state; still.

Facts they had heard while they were yet heathens. Addison.


Up to the present time; thus far; hitherto; until now; -- and with the negative, not yet, not up to the present time; not as soon as now; as, Is it time to go? Not yet. See As yet, under As, conj.

Ne never yet no villainy ne said. Chaucer.


Before some future time; before the end; eventually; in time.

"He 'll be hanged yet."



Even; -- used emphatically.

Men may not too rashly believe the confessions of witches, nor yet the evidence against them. Bacon.


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Yet (?), conj.

Nevertheless; notwithstanding; however.

Yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Matt. vi. 29.

Syn. -- See However.


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