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I read a node a while ago that posited that people that reach level three are the core noders. They mentioned some user statistics that I haven't been able to find (Everything Statistics - September 29, 2001 (2)?), but basically there is an exponential decrease in noder numbers compared to write-ups that goes on until the n of write-ups exceeds 70. After that I guess it's a straight-line.
Currently I'm a corollary to that theorem. After writing 25 nodes in 22 days, I haven't written another since. But I'm happy here.

The voting power is pretty cool. It makes me feel like I have some input. And 10 votes a day seems plenty. I can downvote crap, upvote cool stuff, and just leave the vast majority of mediocre write-ups alone.
If I had more votes, I'd probably just abuse them to downvote adequate filler, such as purple_curtain's inscrutable fairy tales. (What do some of them mean? Couldn't you add footnotes outside of the simple hardlinks? {i.e. what is a flail?} Somebody else needs to tread through all of them and node interpretations, ala the Catholic Study Bible.) Or I might just downvote subjects I didn't like, or shuck the extra votes out randomly in the daylogs.
Writing more nodes is a lot of work. I type pretty sluggishly, can't spell worth crap, my writing takes revisions to make it passable, and synthesizing factual nodes that meet my and Everything's standards is labor intensive. I also think I mistook E2 for wikipedia when I started. I like factual nodes. E2 now seems to be primarily composed of short literary posts, daydreaming and butt scratching.

I am in awe of some of the excellent writers with high numbers. But I won't be joining them.

Half-completed nodes sitting on my computer that will be great when I write them:

Japanese Pull-saw
Rainbow/Douple Rainbow
Colon Cancer Screening
Screening tools
Why I'm not impressed by video-game-themed nodes