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After my days as an elite government operative trained in the deadly arts of Phantasy Star (Laotian: Way of the Solid Fist) and Ys (Korean: School of the Rising Wave Fist), I assumed the position of lord master coder of everything that is um, code at The Whirlpool. Unless you *look* at the source code. Then I assure you, that mess has nothing to do with me. When I'm not spending my free time coding poorly in PHP, caring for my aquarium, cutting a swath through demons in lengthy and frustrating Ninja Gaiden sessions, or reading Neil Gaiman novels, I can be found filling the role of generalized peon at a Southern Massachusetts bank. If you want to know more, I happen to welcome donations of cash, pizza, beer, or Riesling wine. Some combination of those should loosen my lips.

Especially the combination of cash and more cash.