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Sometimes you just want to go to south beach for the day. You know, take the tri-rail to the metrorail to the metromover to the metrobus. Walk around, see what you can see: dragons with glittered wings and cows that look like frogs...oblivious.

Sometimes people read train schedules wrong - trains that go from south beach to home - trains that are your only connection between the third world countries surrounding Miami and home - trains that stop running hours before you had thought. Sometimes people are jilted by tri-rail and belittled by the wakenhut man left stranded with parents in Canada and graffiti surrounding.

Sometimes your only option is riding in the back of a police car late at night so you can spend the rest of it -the night- in the station lobby and take the early train home. It's amazing how easy it is to entertain yourself in an empty room. Dancing like penguins and drawing 'their' favorite animals- it's only kinky if you kill the duck (but what does it mean?!). Sometimes the knight on the white horse that comes to save you will be your redneck brother in a diesel truck.

Sometimes the nights that you think will never end you will wish never had.

Excuse me Sir/Ma'am, but I am perplexed. Why does one eat a "piece of fruit" but not a "piece of vegetable"?

What are you doing?

Why, I am dancing the Paddington Frisk.

The sweet cotton-candy kiss of transcendental bliss-dj polywog

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There is a song about me by Stone Temple Pilots; it is called Art School Girl. Actually some of it isn't like me at all, at all. Here is the song:

I gotta girlfriend, she goes to art school I gotta art school girlfriend yeah
I gotta girlfriend, she gotta girlfriend (this part...not me) We gotta girlfriend, girlfriend gotta go She left her home from sweet Alabama (sweet South Florida in my case) Rose Alabama for the city, New York City yeah (well I was headed for New York but there has been a change of to Pittsburgh I go) I told you five or four times I gotta girlfriend, she goes to parties Underground parties, Andy Warhol everywhere She wears the leather, I wear the makeup We'll never break up, been together for a month She left her home from Sweet Alabama Rose Alabama for the city, New York City yeah I told you five or four times.

Okay, none of it is like me at all.