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I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups

Factual Nodes: 11
Non-Factual Nodes: 9
Factual Percentage:55%
I've decided to include book and software reviews in with my 'factual' nodes for the purposes this listing, but I'm still undecided, as they are very much based on personal opinion. I may discount them once I've made up my mind.
As of 6:27am on Oct 17, I have 55% factual nodes. Needless to say, I have work to do.

I'm a 'Noted Fan' of RimRod's Everything Professional Wrestling Noding Coalition of DOOM. Sweeet action.

Things to do...

Node my homework...

Finish the ruleset for my first tabletop, minatures-based RPG system, and node 'em for beta testers.

Finish the rules for Zombie Soccer, and node 'em.

Fill up any nodeshells of mine. Do I have any? I don't know.

Become the new Sid Meier.

Go back and re-write some of my old nodes, especially that Yukon Territory one. It makes me cringe.

I just realized, I will have been on E2 for four years as of tomorrow, and I'm still Level 1. Noding For Numbers, I am evidently not. I don't know why I thought that deserved big letters, it's not like I'm bragging. More like...sharing the horror.

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