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Name: Thomas A. Hendricks

Age: 36


Noders I have met

WiccanPiper (my partner in crime and life)

LaggedyAnne (ninjagirl extraordinaire)

Sessor (welcome to the family, m'boy!)

izubachi (cool cat up north)

apatrix (responsible for my love of ouzo)

gwenllian (and wonderful children Ian and Rowan!)

craze (hip-flask swingin' madman!)

Liquid Rubber (willing to listen to my D&D blatherings)

passport (fellow gamer junkie!)

Junkill (and his awesome partner Suzi all the way from Texas!)

avalyn (in the process of teaching HTML to me without even knowing it)

hunt05 (guitar-playin' party girl!)

yclept (metaphysical knitter and hobbit at heart)

artman2003 (participant in Shameless Collusion!)

choco-tracy (Official CotC2 dishwasher!)

eien meru (irrepressibly cute and fuzzy)

ScientistPhilosopher (continues to goad me into finally noding)

vandewal (conspicuous in his absence from the CotC2 Carcassone game...)

phyrkrakr (arrives properly equipped with pipe, tobacco, and cleaners)

Wuukie (responsible for the 33% increase in our kittycat population)

wertperch (Able to consume an unheard-of *three* bowls at the FlatTop Grill and leaving me wondering where he puts it all!)

grundoon (there'll always be a pot of tea waiting here for you :-) )

chaotic_poet (in all his 'rub my belly for luck' goodness!)

RoguePoet (who assures me he does put the camera down from time to time)


If I've left you off the list, this does not reflect upon your memorability; rather, my inability to properly spell your screen name at this time.


More to come!

My very first hardlink on the Chatterbox at 12:10 p.m. on November 3, 2005: Hrmm... I think Basia was just suggesting it. That was eleven years ago, perhaps she has changed her tune. Do I even have lasagne noodles? *goes to peer* My first step was setting the bar really low. If I burn through less than a 6-pack and engage in fundamental personal hygiene, Mary reacts as if I've built a cathedral. BriarCub rejoices in creating his very first hard link and dances a small jig in his cubicle to celebrate! This whole life is all about lowered expectations, babe. Yay BriarCub! StrawberryFrog ribbits tipsilly from Germany Congratulations BriarCub!