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to eventually learn all that can be noded.
disrupting the space/time continuum, causing the extrememly improbable, being irritatingly sensible yet disturbingly optimistic
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nothing is impossible; it's all just highly improbable.
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August 24, 2003
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wit, i fear, in most of the human race, is like the appendix; once it served a noble purpose, but now it is all but vestigial.
Imprecation says: Yes, but when wit is explosive, it kills /other/ people.
heather grey in the city, dust brown in the desert. i came from the east to settle in the Wasteland, since, as they say, all prophets must wander in the desert before they are taken seriously. i was named for the folk song 'crow jane', the best version of which, imho, was done by nick cave. you know the song: 'horrors in her head/which her tongue dare not name...' but my brother calls me butterfly bomb; an epithet derived from the butterfly effect, which he swears i embody. but enough. you don't really want to're just looking for more mental floss.
she's dragging her carcass up the ladder, folks...look! we're a scribe now...

jane blames her addiction to e2 on 7Ghent and Starrynight. jane blames Myrkabah and VoidTyphon on herself. jane cannot blame anything on amelinda, but occasionally sees her, just the same. jane would like to blame things on ilcylic. jane finds ameoba utterly blameless, except for that one thing.

go ahead. call her. you know you want to.
home: (drop by and visit if you're in town!)
Jane/Nephthys is no longer with Moghs, and this information was long out of date. Removed because it has now caused trouble for the gentleman in question. If necessary, Jane can be reached by contacting the sysadmin of GroundLine Industries, who always knows how to find her, because that's what he's paid for. Please, leave her and her ex in peace.
things i keep forgetting to node:

for those of you who were looking for me, i apologise for my absence. you see, school started, and then i went insane. on the bright side, the insanity leaves me running a Planescape game:
feel free to drop in and watch the brownian motion as i attempt to design a whole new set of planes on the fly...

mmph. sad. ostia crashed and burned... looking forward to the resurrection, tho.

omfg. thank you. A Tale in the Desert fucking rocks. this is a game i may wind up paying for, because it's just so damn addictive.
look. play. enjoy.
Work in Progress, pls excuse the mess

she held him in her arms just like a pussycat
he saw her best side, worst side, desperated side
she knew that there were new things to be found here
and as always, she desired res novae

Into the Heart of the Whole
Maerklon's Story | Ophandir's Beginnings | Padraig's Younger Days | A Traveller in Cambry | Morrigan's Quest

/me thinks Imprecation is pretty damn cool.
damn you. this is all your fault, somehow...

my E2 crush list!

there. now you know my dirty secret.
yes, folks, now jane has a furry code! blame ocelotbob.
FAcrow4a/PrLcs4a A+ C* D+ H M+ P+ R- T+ W Z++ Sp++ RLCT !a cm++++$ d-- e+ f++++ h- iw+++ j+ p+ s++
also on the furry tangent, thanks to ^Davion^ for the furries clique.

jane intends eventually to also dig up her geekCode from a few years back.

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(note to self: the swan, you dolt! the swan!)