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༼ ཉི�‹ཟླ�‹ཁ�‹སྦྱོར�‹༽ Coalescence of the Sun and Moon
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༄༄༄Drinking ༼ཝིསཀི༽ is very ༼རིསཀི༽༄༄༄
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The Translated Names of the kLu'i rGyal-Po Chen-Po brGyed, The Eight Great Lords of the Naga
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Graduate student in Philosophy and Religion.

Currently Teaching: Asian Behavior and Thought. Introduction to Hebrew Bible

Next Semester: ???

current research interests are Tibetan and Vajrayana Buddhism,subversive literature and media, the philosophy of subversion and non-dualism, Nyingma Tantras, material and media culture, and ritual magic in Naga worship. My academic focus is in modern philosophy and esoteric/mystical texts, particularly intersections between modern and Tibetan esoteric philosophy. Also obsessed with film and TV, screenwriter for cigarette money.  Found E2 in the hospital trying to find the game Ski Free. 

Starting to travel, trying to write.

"The Men of old understood a great deal. How much? In the beginning they did not know anything existed; this is virtually perfect knowledge, for nothing can be added. Later, they knew that some things existed, but they did not distinguish between them. Next came those who distinguished between things, but did not judge things as ‘being’ or ‘not being’. It was when judgments were made that the Dao was damaged… " (Zhuangzi, and Martin Palmer. The Book of Chuang Tzu. London: Penguin, 1996,14)


"There is no special epistemological status which any sentence has apart from its role in the maintaining in that 'field of force' which is human knowledge and whose aim is coping with sensory irradiations… so epistemology and ontology never meet, since our scruples about what objects to assume are not dictated by out acquaintance with either universals or particulars" (Rorty, Richard. Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature. Princeton (N.J.): Princeton UP, 2009. 206)


 "'Existence' is the grasping at permanence; 'non-existence' is the view of annihilation. Therefore, the wise do not dwell, in existence or non-existence."(Nagarjuna, Mūlamadhyamakakārikā, 15:9)


"My delight in death is far, far greater than The delight of traders at making vast fortunes at sea, Or the lords of the gods who vaunt their victory in battle; Or of those sages who have entered the rapture of perfect absorption. So just as a traveller who sets out on the road when it is time, I, Pema Ledrel Tsal, will not remain in this world any longer, But will go to dwell in the stronghold of the great bliss of deathlessness." (Longchenpa,The Immaculate Radiance)