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I don't know what I'm doing.. but this is cool.. so don't come here because I'm not coherent right now. I'm just wasting time. I want a polydactyl. Too bad Toppy's node was blank the last time I looked. :-( I wonder if Jorj will ever get. a node to call his own?

Update: Jorj got his own home node! Woohoo!
Update v2: Jorj visited and usurped my Everything!! :-(

PS: Neener neener neener.. this is my ho.me node and you can't delete it!!!

The odd thing is I can't get this home node to say home node it keeps on saying hoe node. Oh well, I submitted a bug report and a suggestion to the Everything guys.

Hey!! How come I don't. havhavhavhave a a cool graphic like weezel?!??!?!?

It's remarkable how addictive this is.