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Just another newbie here on E2 that has read so many nodes, that he feels compelled to create some of his own. If I screw up, feel free to /msg me.

August 20, 2004

Well, I have to say that this infant development project has turned into a rather large venture, but an incredible learning experience as well. You see, while I did take notes within class, I did not always pay the upmost of attention to them. Under closer scrutiny (with a few more years of maturity under my belt) they are much more rewarding. I hope you gain as much knowledge and enjoyment as I do from writing them. Although they may not be the highest rep writeups I've done, I take pride in them, because I'm noding actual content that is useful to the mission drive of E2, and because its very satisfying providing information for new parents, or just interested people.

My highest rep writeup:


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Infant Development: Chapter I

My one and only daylog to date:

August 20, 2004 I consider this well written, and am proud of it.

I have two writeups tied for lowest rep, which is 1 (yay!), one being a perspective peice, and I suppose is highly subjective. However, the other peice, I am an unprecedented scientific horror of malfunction and disease was my first entirely fictional writeup written just because I wanted to try it. It has a low rep yes, but I'm proud of it nonetheless, because it is my sole fictional writeup, hopefully more will be done in the future.

The only complaint I have so far is the fact that so far, I see fictional writeups get C!'ed and upvoted much more than factual writeups tend to do. Now, I'm not bithing because I think my nodes deserve higher reps. This is not the case. I'm merely questioning the goal of E2, which is to node actual content, and I see this as not just an online community, but the world's largest growing encyclopedia of all things. There is room for fiction, and poetry, and beauty, but shouldn't the facts be respected just as much? Just my two cents.

You might notice that all of my bookmarks are nodeshells, primarily of my own making. This is because sometime in the near future I'd like to fill these, but if you feel motivated, please feel free to fill one of them up!