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Toronto has one of the largest Chinatowns in North America, and definitely one of the busiest. It is located downtown near the University of Toronto campus. It is easily reached by taking the subway to Dundas station and taking the tram a short way. Toronto has many Chinatowns due to its huge population of Asians, however, this original Chinatown still remains genuine "old-style", without the abandoned buildings and the urban decay like Vancouver Chinatown.

This area covers several square blocks of land. Toronto Chinatown has many excellent eateries, usually Cantonese in style, but Vietnamese restaurants are also popular. I recommend Wonton soup noodles. There are also many Asian groceries where you can obtain various foreign foodstuffs unavailable at other stores. A large number of small goods stores sell a huge variety of items. Imported Asian fruits such as longan and lichee can also be purchased.

The area is not too savory at night, but in the day it is definitely worth a walk.