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All About Me

or, Who Gives a Rat's Ass?

I have received quite a bit of feedback regarding my homenode and its sharp contrast to my first writeup. I wrote that article as a submission to a national men's magazine upon their request for something regarding my experience as a newly-widowed father. Being a widower is only a small part of who I am. I am young (33) and sharp and don't take kindly to being pigeonholed because of my circumstances. When my wife first died everyone expected me to act a certain way or to respond in stereotypical fashion to particular circumstances. Just like all of you I am a varied and complex individual with many different likes and tastes.

I have a wild streak that prompts me to think (and step) outside the box. Of course this leads to misunderstanding on the part of those who choose the status quo. I refuse to walk the middle path, choosing instead to dance in the grass. I pick my battles wisely because I don't have time to help everyone understand me - as though they truly want to understand me. :-)

I am recently engaged and suddenly have a fresh outlook on life again. However, I have never been one to immediately warm up to niceties or flattery. I make friends more easily with someone who rightfully puts me in my place than one who blows smoke up my ass. I can be the quietest person in the room or the center of attention. I can put pen to paper and bring tears to your eyes or write a scathing commentary that gets everyone up in arms. I love being a chameleon and blending into whatever a situation calls for. But I do this only on my terms. As soon as someone expects me to conform I'm out of there.

I'm looking forward to getting to know many of you and being a part of this community. All I ask is that you not judge me based on one writeup. Hell, don't judge me based on any of my writeups. If you have a question for me, please ask it. You can reach me at daoist_dude@hotmail.com.

"Life is so simple; we just don't get it. We overlook the obvious in search of the obscure. Love God. Love your neighbor."