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Born 1983 to James and Leslie Schuldt, Dieter Wolfgang Schuldt was their first and oly child. James works in the wood industry, and Leslie is a school secretary for Rivendell school in Fort Collins where Dieter attended for elementary school. After graduating from Rivendell he attended Lesher Junior High in Fort Collins for two years after which he was accepted to the International Baccalaureate program at Poudre High School also in Fort Collins. After only one year he seperated from IB on mutual terms and started attending Fort Collins High School, home of the Lambkins. He graduated in 2001 with a less than stellar GPA of 3.5, but managed to still be the captain of every science and math club and organization at FCHS. Especially notable was his command of the FCHS Science Olympiad team to US Nationals in 2001, where he took 9th place in the even Mission Possible. His jobs outside of school have been numerous, infamous, and varied. Ranging from Web Development to serving chicken at Boston Market, Dieter worked for minimum wage and $75/hour. In his spare time he skateboards, codes, and pipe smokes.