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I am a New Zealander of Maori, Scottish, and Irish origins, along with some other, more distant strains. I have been working as a self-employed language tutor for most of the past 13 years, and have also set up an (embryonic) Amway business. I am a Christian and attend the Takapuna Assembly of God, pastored by Martin Steele, on Auckland's North Shore.

I have a passion for writing. For more than two decades I have kept a diary which is more like an essay book, with my musings about a multitude of subjects - some short, many long. In the course of time, I will be uploading many of them to E2; I have made a start with Ancestralism and Cultural Prejudice as of 5 January, 2005. I have also been writing for Wikipedia for almost two years and am currently among their top 200 contributors, by number of edits. I was also a bureaucrat on HierarchyPedia, a wiki devoted to exploring the world's political, religious, economic, military, and genetic power structures, but this was shut down sometime in May for various reasons. In the past, I spent a lot of time writing essay-like posts for newsgroups, but have kicked the habit: they disappear too quickly, thereby negating the time and effort I put into them.

One size clearly doesn't fit all, and not all types of writing belong in the same forums. I see Wikipedia as a valuable educational resource in which I am privileged to have a role to play; the academic nature of those projects, along with their "Neutral Point of View" policy requires me to be as objective as possible. I like that, but I also want a forum in which I can express my own opinions, not just facts. I believe E2 is such a forum. For me, projects like Wikipedia on the one hand, and E2 on the other, are complementary.

My articles

*Ancestralism and Cultural Prejudice *The End of the Empire *Esperanto *Christianity in Korea