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writting, inspirators and motivators and business review.
let us change the world into a peaceful and harmony life..
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Hi There,

I am Didi Siswantoyo.

Born in Lamongan, East Java on 05th June'77. I like writting and i have publish my thoughts and experiences on my blogspot which is www.didierdekadi.blogspot.com

I am Indonesian nationality who has been living with differents expatriates worlwide in indonesia for some social activity, sports and other things.

Frankly, i got your web address from our local newspaper " KOMPAS " on wednesday 28th Nov'07 when people in the universe are being warned and request to work together and fight for a survival against GLOBAL WARMING.

Further to know about me and check what i have been writting on my blogspot. I need more comments to make better understanding to all readers.

I need a sponsor to study more about life, world, politic, social, culture and tradition and all related to human to human life and others too.