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July, 2003.

S**t, it's been a long time. I was going to post here regularly; doesn't look like that happened, does it? Anyway. Much has happened recently - since before January, even. Time seems so strange...

Well, I'm more happy of my own little religion now; drawing from the teachings of Jesus and other bits and pieces. I think I'm being guided by dragons towards the path I should take... but there's always that element of doubt, that it's all a self-induced halluciation, that it doesn't really exist. And then I tell myself that it doesn't matter - does it matter if the pill is a placebo if the patient is cured? Even if these dragons don't exist outside my head, the effect they are having on me is almost all positive, and I'm moving towards a path that'll help me to help others. And I think that'll make me happier too, you know.

So... no promises. I don't know if I'll be here often; but I hope I'll be back again... Dragon Dave.

January, 2003.

When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things. -- I Cor. xiii. 11
Hell. I might not be a Christian (more of a Pagan, really...), but there's truth in that statement. As The Cow I wrote a lot of crap. Some good stuff too, you know, but mostly crap.

I've been away from e2 for a while now; I've been bumming around from h2g2 to wikipedia for a while, moving on as h2g2 became a little too regimental; wanting to write things that weren't quite so staid and dull as required by wikipedia.

I've left friends behind... in the lurch. I've changed what I've been doing... working, sleeping, studying, roleplaying. In many ways, I'm not the person I was those many moons ago. I'm different. Better? Perhaps not.

But without change nothing really exists. The earth is not a featureless sphere, it has oceans and continents, seas and islands. It has countless numbers of species of animals, barely countable numbers of individuals within those species. Each individual of the human race changes second by second; hair a micron longer, another idea understood, another glimpse of inspiration. I am better now only in the same way a mouse can be better than the moon. Or the moon can be better than the mouse.

But I'm back, for a certain value of 'I'. I'm sorry for nothing I've done... only the many things I have not done.

Dragon Dave.