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Drake and Josh was a sitcom on Nickelodeon in the mid 2000s. It starred Drake Bell and Josh Peck as Drake Parker and Josh Nicholas, a pair of step brothers adjusting to each other and life in their blended family. Joining them is Drake's younger sister Megan played by Miranda Cosgrove and the parents played by Nancy Sullivan and Jonathan Goldstein. Most of the show is built around conflicts between Drake and Josh. Drake is a skinny, free wheeling, smooth operator type who plans to find fame and fortune as a musician and doesn't like to work too hard. Josh is a pudgy conformist who's trying to learn magic tricks and keep his GPA up. Unsurprisingly, the brothers, now stuck sharing a room, can't agree on anything with Josh constantly hassling Drake over irresponsible behavior and Drake often dragging Josh into some hair-brained scheme or web of lies. When they aren't dealing with each other they're dealing with their younger sister Megan who enjoys tormenting them and has both parents fooled into thinking she's an angel despite some frankly sociopathic tendencies.

Drake and Josh follows the standard sitcom model: character deliberately or accidentally creates problem, other characters get roped into solving it, everyone resolves not to let that happen again but nothing changes. Wash, rinse, repeat. There aren't many surprises in the series, no big changes from the core premise, no daring episodes or surprising issues. Despite or because of that the show persisted through four seasons and two movies. It would also springboard Miranda Cosgrove into the lead roll in iCarly.