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To record worthwhile ideas and prevent my writing from degenerating.
I wouldn't say I'm good enough at anything to call it a specialty.
Saginaw Valley State University
It seemed like a good idea at the time. . .
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Lavochkin La-5
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Thanks anonymous E2 secret Santa!

Name: Vince Parrino
Birthdate: 07/29/83
Location: Saginaw, Michigan
Phone Number: 989/980-seven two six five

ICQ: 2150086
AIM: digitaltarnish
Gmail: fluoric


I pretty much just write factuals; I'm uncreative I guess. I also try to go back and improve on the layout/text of my nodes occasionally, so feel free to send suggestions on that. I now use the E2 Annotation Tool, so you can comment my nodes with that, if you wish.

I used to be mock style. I never really did anything useful, and the July Reunion made me see both that I was a rather sad human being, and that I did in fact have things I could contribute to the site.

Andrew Aguecheek, tell it like it is.
Auron, braving Stroh with me, and rides.
Brassmule, for the shirt!
Ccunning, sneaking about at night.
Eien_meru, volcano, and rides.
Enth, not being that particular asshole, and dinner.
Gwenllian, helping me not die.
Iconoplast, fun in the lawn.
Karma Debt, for the house!
Machfive, rides and food.
Mordel, you bad the most ass.
RoguePoet, keeping tabs.
Swish Girl, for being there.
Tiefling, taking such a long trip, and Origins.
Void_ptr, corrupting children.

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