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Exarch is an electrical engineer working for Georgia Power as a test engineer in Network Underground in Atlanta, GA. He lives with his wife and a bearded dragon. He enjoys City of Heroes, some anime, Playstation 2 and WARMACHINE, though he has lately been too lazy to paint many miniatures. He married his Asian girlfriend on June 12, 2004. His favorite movies are Star Wars, Princess Mononoke, and The Matrix. He likes to make TiVo record Stargate SG-1, Inuyasha, Battlestar Gallactiga, Robot Chicken, Justice League and Lost.

He grew up in Mobile, Alabama. At the age of 18, he moved out on his own to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to attend the Unveristy of Alabama for both his undergraduate (BS Electrical Engineering with Minor through the Computer Based Honor's Program) and graduate (MBA) degrees. He specialized in production operations management in the MBA curriculum. He has interned at Alabama Power (Tuscaloosa), Alagasco (Birmingham) and Sparta (Huntsville). His first permament position was the head of the electrical department of the Demopolis, AL plant of Cemex. He moved to Atlanta to be with his wife.