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I'm not going to tell anyone on here my name, unless I get very addicted, and I might introduce myself. Call me Jack. Other people do. Nice to meet you. I'm eighteen, I live somewhere in the south in a room full of books and interesting things. I graduated a week ago, and am working at a fast food restuaruant until the end of the summer, when I'm going to an engineering college to major in aerospace. Recently a guy I know to see him, but not much else, told me that there are 150,000 aerospace engineers looking for work, and that I'd better not major in it.

I just figure if I can't get a job, I'll fulfil two lifelong dreams- I'll be an engineer, and I'll be a hobo.

I'll write more later, I'm going to go check this site out.


This is an interesting site, and I think I'll stay here a while. We'll see.