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I live in Austin; lived here since '95 and in Central Texas since '89. given that and the fact that I was BORN in Texas (Ft Hood, '77, do the math; God, I feel old) I feel justified in complaining about the tech-sector Johnny-come-latelys who have turned this town into a glut of commercialization and done everything in their power to destroy the unique spirit and morality that Austin once possessed. Now that the dot-com bubble has burst, most of the sharks have left to go to other feeding grounds, and the rampant teflon-coating has backed off a bit.

Hypocrite warning: I work in the tech industry and made a good living during the boom, but I still feel that this city gave away some of its soul during that time.

Austin folk: Next time you're stuck in traffic and you see an out of state license plate, make a note of it. Chances are VERY high that it will be a Florida plate. Don't know why, but it's true. I thought all our imported geeks came from California.