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Nihil habent legitimi quod metuant.
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Born in Hawaii and raised in Tennessee, I was first homeschooled and later plunged into the Tennesseean public education system. As a highschool student, I have developed interests in writing, drama, music and history. My principal passion in life is Latin and the classics; I intend to major in Classical Studies at Indiana U. of Bloomington. I have a strong interest in science fiction and am writing a soft SF novel (Very slowly); meanwhile, I amuse myself with plays, writing poetry, and other erudite things that make me feel good about myself.

At sixteen, I think I know more than I really do about many things--as the man on a very bad documentary once said, in reference to a friend of his, 'He knows a lot about a lot of things'. One day, I hope that will be an accurate description of myself.

My other interests include Catholicism, gay rights, the Democratic party agenda, graphic art, literary criticism, opera, and civil activism.