Facts are the enemy of truth
-Don Quixote-

During the Vietnam war
I was ordered to destroy Vietcong
from the air and on the ground.
In My Lai I shot loads of children
and used the orange agent
all over the enemy jungle.

During the Gulf War
I occupied Basrá
where I bulldozed a trench
and buried the people alive.

Now I march to raid
a people who try
to destroy my Nation
even after sanctions.
They seem incorrigible,
thus deserve a hard lesson.

They hate my corporations,
designated by God
to establish everywhere
global adjustments,
and spread overseas
the Manifest Destiny.

They are terrorists
that dastardly
my towers demolished.
They need to be crushed
-bastard enemies-
in a holy crusade.

When a child dies of dysentery
because DU missiles
wreck sewage systems,
it's collateral damage.

When farmer conscripts
die in their trenchs
defending their town,
it is my triumph.

I am a patriot
and I will make part
of the conquerors
of the skinny land.
And all my enemies
will suffer anguish,
torture and abuse
in the jail of Abu Ghraib.

I am a soldier,
who fight and defeat
the Axis of Evil.
My bounty'll be black
(mixed with blood
flooding the sand.)

And after my victory
I won't be afraid
of any penalty.
No one prosecute me
-soldier of fortune:
my Nation unsigned
the Rome Statute.

I am a soldier
and just obey orders.
God is with me
and against the enemy.