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to fight the battle for awesome.
politics, wit, history, language, biting comments.
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Oklahoma Democratic Party, and, unfortunately, American International College. (shudder)
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i'm using you all as my guinea pigs in an effort to actually write some form of fixxion. i suck, so prepare for unfortunately bad prose. luckily i don't do poetry. at least this way i'm slightly more differentiated from the squalid masses.

i've been recently described as a pseudo-intellectual bohemian hippy. i disagree with this statement. i merely LOOK like a psuedo-intellectual bohemian hippy. i am mentally more of a dilettante elitist bon vivant. except i'm too poor to really live up to that description. so i guess i'm a king hell pseudo-intellectual dilettante bohemian elitest hippy bon vivant.