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My baby likes 80's hair rock. Arrgh!! But thats Okay with me because I secretly like Alanis Morissette even though i feel really guilty about it. Half the time i'm listening to her I want to gag. Is this common?
Im wondering why everyone is makin.g such a big deal about what Jerry Falwell thinks about the Teletubbies. Who cares what Ginger Spice thinks about the damn things anyway?!
Aside from that, THIS IS THE 90's. It's okay to talk about birth control and it's sure as hell okay to b.e gay. So who cares if hes carrying a purse? And about the purple triangle, Remember Rainbow Brite? Did aneeone give her trouble about being a lesbian? No. I think these religious fanatic bible thumpers are getting a little too analytical. Is this. where those poor old blue haired ladees church donations are going ? Madge couldnt get the extra large tube of Bengay this week because Fallwell and the rest of his lackees were launching a Kenneth Staresque witch hunt in the media!? Jumpin Jesus