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mission drive within everything
To figure out how it works.. What makes it tick? I must know! THE TICKING! THE TICKING!!
Singing, Computers, Electronics, Furries, Imagination/fantasy/, Dairy stuff
Falcon Northwest
God works ALL things for good, for those who trust in him.
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About the following.. Furries. Check out my scratch pad for an entry that I'm working on. (Very slowly, however, much like the similar one for microwaves.)
To get it said, Yes, I do view myself as Furry. No, not a Furvert, though unfortunately, I do struggle with that sort of tendency. I view my Furry side as a winged tigertaur.

I have been a farm kid, I've been a reject, I've been a friend to rejects, I've been tolerated, I've been secretly adored..
I've ran sound systems of various sizes and uses, I've destroyed speakers with unanticipated feedback loops while booting my computer..
I have vinyled floorboards for boats, I've pulled veneer from dryers, I've fixed electronics from digital camers, printers, camcorders, VCRs to hair dryers, electric fences, and building wireing.
And now.. I am building gameing computers for those with the cash to throw at them.... and trust me, I've seen the price tags, and I could never afford to buy one retail. Good news is, I am currently typeing on the equivelent system that they were building three years ago, though I built it myself. Falcon Northwest case included.

I am also on YIM, AIM, ICQ, MSNIM, and X-fire for those that want to know.