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To increase mankind's knowledge and bring about World Peace... ah well... sod it then.
Aerospace Materials, Martial Arts(see Jitsu), Singing "Springtime for Hitler " on crowded public transport apres pub
Imperial College
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For the biography, refer to the node Hugo Rune, where there is a nice write-up of my exploits.

In this present incarnation, I have spent my formative years in Stoke-on-Trent, a quiet backwater of this galaxy, where I could learn to use my powers without attracting too much attention.

I then moved to London, to study at Imperial College. I have finished my MEng in Aerospace Materials Engineering, which was good fun and am now studying for a PhD on the fabrication on Intermetallic materials. A keen Jitsuka, I also find a lot of time for martial arts, drinking and of course I get to spend some time on everything2.

Currently living in a flat with spiregrain, which requires constant use of a tin helmet to prevent him from stealing the few good ideas I ever have!

I could tell you more, but then I'm afraid I would have to kill you...!