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freerunning- casual explosives- criminal activities- photography- drawing- painting- argueing about things that don't matter- film
Hibbing Community College
"The night is ours- everything else is ours to steal."
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I was shaking, but not from the cold
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I'm back in college after a 3 year break. Studying: Political Science, English, and Art. Actually I don't really study, just attend.

Maybe someday I will finish this bio, and perhaps even with words that make sense!

I drink quite a lot. With or without people, it doesn't matter especially. The tranquility of drinking alone is not at all how or why I do it, but It is a good write-up thus the link (and this entire sentence). I almost never dream after I get fucked up, which I apreciate. Have been known to write things in a drunken state and leave them where people (who shouldn't) find them. Sometimes awkward.

Don't consider myself a writer. It's often a struggle. I would like to one day consider myself a "good" writer.

I think I'm going to start writing on here more, if it gets deleted whatever I guess. It feels good to get it out, and its cool to think that maybe somebody somewhere will read it.

I can't believe I've been a member for four years! I was just a stupid kid back then!

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