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To significantly alter the collective subconscious until it can be bent to my will. Selfish, but terrifying.
Comic Books, psychoactives
Goucher College
"There were, in his mind, two types of drugs: Those that inflated the ego and those that diminished it, in other words, delusionary drugs and relevatory drugs, and in his mind, at least, he preferred awe over swagger." - Tom Robbins
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Jews for Jesus
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Critics hailed Judeoslav's first EP, recorded in early 1998, as the finest offering from any acoustic folk metal band in recent memory. Such instant classics as "Bleached Goth" ("My parents bought me a Land Rover! My black, black Landrover... of the night!") and "Genie Ex Machina of Hate" encapsulated perfectly the angst-ridden mindset of today's tortured upper-middle-class white youths.
Despite playing frequent gigs in the Wallingford-Swarthmore area, allegations by University of Vermont students that the band did not, in fact, exist, led to their inevitable break-up, citing 'artistic differences' and the 'flaring of egos'.