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what are those? =) I suppose I am a musical and artistic soul. I love music. I love art. I have a knack for story-telling.
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5.12.2005 Time to edit my homenode. So what's changed about me? Who really cares? The answers to those questions are not easy by far.

I feel left out since I haven't joined the Secret Santa society, but there's always next year. My husband Lother has just gone out to get something for his recipient. It's cold here in Finland, but not as cold as it used to be. They say global warming is finally taking its toll. Fine by me. The only downside is the slushy snow. I'd like crispy snow for Christmas.

We are leaving for Tanzania on Thursday. I'm a native of Tanzania, although I've lived for almost two thirds of my life here in Northern Europe. My parents, my little sister and Lother are all going. Lother's excited to be going to Africa the first time. I'm more than a little anxious. How much fun is a mosquito-infested, excrutiatingly hot, dusty and dirty atmosphere going to be for my paler than pale, dust-allergic and malaria virgin husband?

I've had malaria probably half a dozen times. It was nasty. Muscle spasms, nausea and raging fevers are not nice. But there's no sense in worrying about the aforementioned disease much. There are dozens more that are just as likely to affect any one of us. Plus, there are more likely things about this trip that will annoy me than what I mentioned. Despite all this, at least we get to go somewhere tropical for two weeks. A nice few days of ocean water and sunshine will do the trick I think.

Merry Christmas!