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To keep getting comments like "Your Tom Traubert's Blues writeup made me listen to Small Change again"
Bob Dylan and his imitators, Dante Aligerhi, classic rock, literature, Internet nonsense, useless trivia, songs I like
Paid lackey of the corrupt rulers, University of New South Wales
Life is sad, life is a bust. All you can do is do what you must. You do what you must do and you do it well.
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November 6, 2005
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Beauty is not there. Nor in the stagnant bay of Marsh's library where you read the fading prophecies of Joachim Abbas.
I'm for free love I'm in free fall This could be love Or nothing at all

The Best Thing I've Ever Written (read aloud for best effect) Try me, i said. Its not like i mind. Thinking is rebellion, and rebellion is passé. I've passed your exams! I live! Evil, I. Eyes are windows into the soul, but if they look upon that which does not exist, are they oblivion? N, ion, ivi, l, ob! The secrets of God! Dog, I am thou master, master, thou art God, thou art Dog, thou art. Tra, ouht God. Dog, thou art. Rat, out! Hogged, I am engorged, sausage link symphony, sympathetic phony! Pony up the dough you said and kneading the crash i pizza-ed out parcels of red and yellow cheese. Ed Meese, run my life! Ray of light, I fight, darkness wake, i embrace. Ace, be mine, forever (which is all time). Emit, I have decoded your movie-code, and pretend I knew all along. Is not cleverness hereditary? Herd dairy make my diet, herd dairy make my mind, undimmed is metaphor, undimmed is rhymed. Dye, med! Poison me with blues and greens and all colors in-between. Arsenic yellow sunrises and hypochondriac red sunset shall be my deathbed as I conduct a symphony of decomposing composers. I thumb my rear at you, death! I am immortal alive, evil aline, crumbling laughingly to pieces that are not equal to pi. Ibsen, grant me your words that I have not read, and brake me through to Beckett blokes and existential fish and chips. Skip logic! Friends, Romans, country greens, we are not numbers. Equations I, unexpressed but for not equaling you, only when XXX am I made true. E tu, tutor? Rot Tut and deconstruct gold-leaf grave rubbings robbed by etch-a-stretchers. Is not the fate of hate to abate? Pyramid power does not last for an hour, but all time is hereby revoked. I have not toked when writing this, but in your state of bliss you may seek aid to reach my beatitude. Attitude, said Poochy, was in the oy vey of the elder being. I am not trying but seeming and in seeming try to reach parts that have not been taken smart but have been struck dumb. If words numb you, do not think i thumb you, but rather any part may appreciate the taking of my last fate that does not eat noses. If i am trying too hard please indulge and realize you have never tried at all, and in never trying you have never failed, and thus succeed where i, a longer triar, have larsed my loose upon the world. (Dolorous decay is yucky, said the plucky thief to the newborn babe, and i shall snatch your life where many have failed.) Unquailed by snatches of bander, i banter with band-aids and trade wit for tit as my tat drowns in a gat-gat-gat of that hat you betrothed to my mad, sad, brother in harms. Lazily i trip pteradoniously over tumescent catacombs that scat rats underfoot. Toofler, make me understand your name and meme me upon swirls of collective will. Lily white is the color of my garment, and only blood can wash the purity from it. Time has to place in it, and i am beyond all that does it. Run making i took, looking i snooker you into blokes of ratwar, running stars through keyholes and needles through camel's eye. Ya, we said, in borrowed ethnic dialect, there is no more that does not stand erect, no more better tossing then running, so gun your engines and smile as the great beyond washes over and spin cycles you into component ionic decay.

(The above won me a bottle of wine at Bardflies, our local poetry and jazz night. Take that, people who deleted it!)

Blessed by: panamaus

Noders I Know In Real Life Augusta, my lovely and talented editor elocbej Dokool smileloki neuromantic

My E2 Playlist Thunder Road -- Bruce Springsteen Bob Dylan -- Nine Days Tom Traubert's Blues -- Tom WaitsRamblin' Jack Elliott

Nodes That Need Creating (/msg me if you do one) Eberron (New default Dungeons & Dragons setting. Created by Keith Baker, a fan who won a contest. I'll be playing it soon) Mike Carey (comic writer of, among other things, Lucifer) Wolves of the Calla (the fifth Dark Tower book by Stephen King) COFA (College of Fine Arts at UNSW) Spider-Man: Rock Reflections of a Superhero (70's concept album about Spider-Man) Anais Mitchell (female singer/songwriter) The Nonfiction of Jorge Luis Borges Robert Towne (writer of the screenplay for Chinatown) Randall Flagg (mysterious ultimate evil from several Stephen King books) FBi (Australian community radio station I may end up 'working' for. I didn't expect there to be anything for this) FBI (The Federal Bureau of Investigation, one of America's largest intelligence agencies. I'd say more, but there's NOTHING IN E2 ABOUT IT. This was unexpected) Dock Boggs (brilliant, scary roots musican) Jann Wenner (legendary editor of Rolling Stone magazine, mostly before it sucked) Jon Lovitz My personal favorite Saturday Night Live underdog and writer/star of The Critic, a vastly underrated animated series D.B.C. Pierre, first time author and Booker Prize winner for Vernon God Little, also not noded. I saw him speak; when I read the book i will node it.

Nodes That Need Expanding (entries in bold are done) DOUGLAS ADAMS (you know, DOUGLAS ADAMS? The guy who inspired the site that inspired this site? The funniest writer ever? The guy who got most of us through adolecence? THAT GUY? Towels? 42? And he doesen't have a full, detailed writeup?) Beautiful Girls (add the wonderful Natalie Portman movie that includes the line "I'm an old soul" ) Toy Story (ya know, TOY STORY? Great movie... needs a real w/u) Small Change (somebody needs to talk about the Tom Waits album with this title, and how its one of the greatest works of art. EVER. it'll probably end up being me) Lexx (the greatest Canadian sci-fi sex comedy ever) Blood on the Tracks Is there a better Bob Dylan album? Does any other album start with Tangled Up in Blue and maintain that level of quality? There's a book out about this-- why not a bigger node? Leonard Cohen (often mentioned in the same breath as Nick Cave and Tom Waits The Violent Femmes (Blister in the Sun, anyone?) Warren Buffet (my brother tells me incredible things about him; he has nicknames like "The Oracle of Omaha", and he deserves better then three very short paragraphs) Massive Attack (info about the band besides a discography; as it stands the node should be deleted and incorporated into a full w/u that takes into account biography and history. I'm only a casual fan, though) In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (the greatest album ever) ELVIS COSTELLO (i'm sensing a pattern here; many great musicans need more nodage, but i'm lazy at the moment) DAVID BOWIE Sure, there's lots of little info, but not the full, balls to the walls, "everything from Space Oddity to Labyrinth to me seeing him on tour three months ago" node he deserves. What is wrong with you people? Nick Cave (I saw him at Homebake, and I should tell you about it) The Whitlams (Australia's answer to the Dire Straits, and I mean that in the best possible way) the Flaming Lips (needs biographical information, a band history, and some discussion of their sound) The Magnetic Fields (Stephen Merrit's band. Utterly awesome) Peter Weir (One of Australia's greatest directors. Directed The Truman Show, one of my favorite movies ever) Landslide Don't pretend this Fleetwood Mac song dosen't make you cry every time you hear it. Blood on the Tracks (the greatest Bob Dylan album ever) or Tangled Up In Blue (the first song from said album) John Wesley Harding (needs mention of the singer with that name) Various episodes of Ulysses Dante Aligerhi Dante's Divine Comedy Paul Di Filippo (very odd sci-fi writer) University of New South Wales John Birmingham (great Australian New Journalist Oliver St. John Gogarty legendary Dublin prankster who had a love/hate relationship with James Joyce, and subject of my first writeup. It shows. Penn and Teller (biographical info, anyone?)

People I Have Seen in Concert Or In Person Bob Dylan (twice) David Bowie (once) Elvis Costello (once, with The Imposters. He is still utterly awesome. Atom and His Package (once) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (once, sans Blixa, and I was 5 feet away) Shane Koyczan (at my uni, and it was wonderful) Ramblin' Jack Elliot (once) The Cat Empire (once at Homebake, same place I saw Nick Cave) They Might Be Giants (John F signed a shirt) Dave McCormack (he hugged me) Brian Michael Bendis(signed two issues of [Ultimate Spider-Man) Xev from Lexx Harvey Pekar(signed a notebook) DBC Pierre(signed a notebook) The Barenaked Ladies (full defense of them to follow) Ben Folds (back before i knew he was uncool; one of my friends is on the CD insert for his live album) Upright Citizens Brigade (They were filming a skit at my Dad's resturant in Connecticut because it looked like a New York bar; i chatted with them and got their autographs, which I've since lost)

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