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mission drive within everything
To make meaning of my life, to make sense of that which is around me, to find a version of the Windows O/S after 3.11 that is stable. That which is stable, is zen.
HTML. Cause I'm an HTML'er.
Pretzel Logic, Perth
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Employed. That's the important thing, I have a regular income. All else is immaterial. Well, not really, but if I can fool myself into thinking that, maybe I can be happy.

I don't have much else. My health, my home, my family and my job. Not much else is important. My health is slowly going downhill due to excessive intake of good-tasting-high-kilojoule food and drink, but it makes me happy. I need to find some sort of compromise, probably involving a gym.

I have a tendency to drivvel (NOT dribble) when writing or talking to strangers, partially due to the fact that I bottle so much inside every day that the nearest outlet for my worries, stresses and angst will most likely be the nearest willing ear or the first chat channel I can find.

I love computer games because they distract me from my worries, and I can be someone else for a while. I also like Anime, but that's something else entirely.

My plan is to make myself more widely known to the world as soon as I get some time...

- Lupin