A female skald, active in Norway ca. 900 AD.

The only evidence for her existence and activity as a poet is a single reference in Snorri Sturlason's history of the Norwegian kings. He quotes a couple stanzas from a poem she composed called Sendibitr praising Guthorm Sindri for his role in defusing a quarrel between Harald Fairhair and his son Halfdan. Snorri may have had a written copy of the entire poem in his library, but nothing of the sort survives today.

Snorri mentions two other women in his list of court skalds: Vilborg, a poet attached to the court of Olaf the Quiet (r. 1067-93) of Norway, and Steinvor Sighvatsdottir, an Icelandic woman active during the second half of the 13th c.