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No Longer On Hiatus

I hope to see y'all soon.

My real name is cooldude967111.

Improve your typing speed; use a Dvorak keyboard.

There's a war going on between quite a few lobes in my brain. If you talk to me, be prepared to deal with whichever one is in charge at the time.

The secret to good nodeing is to hit Shift-F7 as much as possible.

(Short) List of People I'd Like To Kick In The Head

To really hate someone, you gotta know them.

Here's a Word macro for changing selected text to a link to E2:

Sub E2RemoteHardlinker()
Selection.TypeText Text:="<a href=""" + Selection.Range + """>" + Selection.Range + "</a>"
End Sub

Search E2 from somewhere else:

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To do:

Feel free to steal these, if you're feeling ambitious. (Seems that while I was on hiatus, many of these got completed. Go team!)


  • &#60; = <
  • &#62; = >
  • &#38; = &

To Do Before Death:

  • Circumnavigate planet Earth
  • Travel faster than sound
  • Learn French
  • Release an album called "Songs About my Ass"
  • Be involved it a heist!
  • Write a screen play

Fun Webster Entries

My political compass:

Economic Left/Right: -10.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.28