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Forget about Noding for Numbers. Participate in

The E2 Zero XP Game

This is the reverse of what most of the users at E2 are into, but it is by no means easier. This game requires concentration, ability to foresee the consequences and skill in leveraging opinions of masses. It's not as cool as landing on the Moon by email, but the main principles are similar.

The participants register themselves fresh accounts on E2 and start writing up. There is no upper limit on the number of writeups per time unit, but each player must do at least one new writeup per day. The goal is to keep XP as close to zero as possible. There are two known variants in determining the winner:

  • Keeping within the range. The player whose XP stays lower in absolute value than a specified limit for the longest time, wins.
  • The least mean square. At a regular time interval, usually once per day, players' XP values are checked, raised to square and added to the total score of each player, respectively. The winner is determined by the lowest total score. The game can be finished on an agreed date or continue indeterminately.

Update. I just have gained the Novice level. So much for the good score.