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Hello, I usually use the nickname "W2k" while on the web. I live in Sweden. There, basic introduction all over with. The below was written many, many years ago and is no longer current, though I hope my writeups are still of interest to someone.

Computers are a significant part of my life. The first time I used a computer was when I was five years old (at the time of this writing I am eighteen), it was running the english version of Windows 2.0 and I didn't know any english. Suffice to say, I acquired basic english skills at a very early age. I also quickly became interested in computers. By second grade, I was using QBASIC to write programs to teach my classmates stuff like the analog clock. By fourth grade I was doing it in Pascal, and to some extent HyperCard. I was also running my very own BBS (Bulletin Board System) over a 2400bps connection, which was slow even back then.

Eventually, I bought my first computer, after years of using my dad's. It was a Pentium II, 333 MHz. My second computer, one year later, was a Pentium III at 500 MHz. I managed to get ahold of the latest and greatest in graphics cards for it - a Diamond V770 Viper, based on the nVidia TNT2 Ultra chipset. The next year however, I dumped the Intel garbage in favour of a home-built system based on an AMD Thunderbird CPU at 1 GHz. Oh, the joy. I've more recently upgraded to a somewhat faster machine sporting, among other things, a gig of RAM and a nicer graphics card.

At the moment, I'm studying towards a Master's degree in Information Technology (that's IT) at the Royal Institute of Technology (known in Sweden as KTH). I also work there, manning the helpdesk together with several other voulenteers. In my spare time, I watch anime, node on E2, and I work, currently for FragZone, a Swedish gaming news website. I help them by submitting reviews of hard- and software as well as writing PHP code for them.

More miscellaneous info: I drive a blue Volvo 740 '90. I dislike sports but will happily cheer my country on in stuff like football championships. My interests beyond computers include anime/manga, Star Trek, cars, airsoft .. I do, however, try my best to maintain a life outside of that of being a computer geek. With little success, I might add!

Last but not least, I listen to pretty much all kinds of music. I loathe far-leftists, feminists, militant vegetarians and other kinds of braindead extremists who can't see how poorly their views map onto what is reality. Some people think I'm a cynic; I think I'm a realist and I consider myself fairly liberal in that I try to keep an open mind towards other people's beliefs, no matter how stupid I would like to think they are.

In my spare time, I also administer a C/C++ programming and a swedish anime IRC channel over at Quakenet. I read and post frequently on Slashdot. There, now I can't think of anything more to write. Feel free to msg me if you want to ask me something.

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