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There are very few personal problems that cannot be solve through a suitable application of high explosives.
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DOB: November 2, 1975 (That makes me a scorpio for all you astrologers out there)

DOD: I'm gonna live forever... or at least long enough to see the Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl

Truth - after years of lying to try and get out of trouble, one realizes that you must be good at lying. I am not. It's much easier to tell the truth than I originally thought not only that, it makes you feel good too. It is one of my personal missions to get the truth from every aspect of every person I deal with. That is why I want to know everything, to see if the people I need to deal with are telling me the truth. See also, Paranoia

T&A - What every red-blooded male would like their woman to have lots of. Some like more T than the A, and vice versa for others.

BNBP - Again healthy male here, what can I say? The internet makes it easy for folks like me who dig BNBP.

Intelligence - I like to surround myself by intelligent people in the hopes that I may absorb some of it as it oozes from their pores.

women who speak nothing but truth - Other than T&A, long hair and intelligence >= mine, there is nothing else sexier than to have a woman tell you how she wants it, where she likes it and the frequency in which she prefers. It's also nice for truth if she can tell you upfront, WHOM she wants it from. If it ain't me let me know so I can productively spend my time elsewhere.

Doing things right the first time

Wasting My Precious Time

Stupid People

Cops - not the show, the men and women responsible for upholding the law.

Bored cops - These are the cops that pull you over for going 1MPH over the speed limit or a crack in one of your tail lights.

Collections Agents - beside the paycheck aspect, what kind of low-life, slimeball type of person do you have to be to want to be responsible for calling hundreds of people a week demanding they pay a bill you could give a rat's ass about.

Hallucinating - Having the misfortune to be able to hallucinate without the use of drugs, I can't see why one would WANT to experience something as frightening as hallucinations and would take drugs to experience it.

to be continued.....