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Pacific World Marketing – Invention Marketing
Pacific World Marketing LLC
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Pacific World Marketing – Invention Marketing

Pacific World Marketing can market your invention and help you with negotiating and licensing your invention/product to interested companies. There is no magical dust or secret to marketing an invention. No one has that crystal ball to predict the future. You can have all of the research in the world, Pacific World Marketing’s experience shows that good ole fashioned hard work is the best tool.
Pacific World Marketing Licensing and Negotiations
Licensing determines how a company will 'lease' your intellectual property rights - usually on an exclusive basis. In this wonderful world of inventing, Pacific World Marketing’s biggest satisfaction is when our customers receive financial compensation each time the product is sold. If a company expresses serious interest in your idea, our team of professionals will handle all of the negotiations of your behalf.
Pacific World Marketing is unique because of our experience, our expertise, and our approach. What's most important is that our stuff gets used.
Our teams are more experienced as those from other marketing firms. We employ top business talent from around the world—each with more than a dozen years of experience in all aspects of developing and executing growth strategies. We are uniquely qualified to deliver tangible solutions to our clients because, in most cases, we’ve already walked in their shoes and sat in their chairs. Additionally, we bring:
Unmatched Practitioner Depth: The Pacific World Marketing team includes experienced marketing practitioners as well as accomplished market researchers, consultants, and technologists.
Rigorous Scientific Approach: Our innovative research techniques yield unique customer insights and compelling concepts for driving success. We turn those insights into action with strategies and plans that are based on proven methodologies.
Revolutionary Ideas for Driving Success: Pacific World Marketing beliefs are specific and our points of view are provocative. We advocate that marketing is business, that renovation should precede innovation, and that there is no finish line.