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10/31/05 I'd like to make a personal request. If you have downvoted me, please message me and tell me, I promise not to get mad, what exactly made you do it. Poor writing? A mistake? You disagree with my ideas? You simply don't like Spam and Corn? What makes you downvote in general? If you have downvoted someone lately and it's not me, can you tell me why? I am just curious as to the motives of noders, in the spirit of scientific research. I don't even care if it's mean, just as long as it's the truth. Thanks in advance to people that help my little investigation. This will help me to understand what a downvote really means.

Nodes I should write:

  • Creamed Corn
  • Cultured Veggies
  • Sickapoo
  • The Hitchhiker Conspiracy
  • NASCAR vs. Rally Racing
  • Shabby Chic