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The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.
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Dear Everything,

As much as I love this place I finally have to admit that I really don’t have much time for it anymore. Now that I’m studying and working (and both are going really well :-) the e2 time just seems to disappear. I’m way too addicted not to log in and check up on things often, but I can’t see myself noding for like the next 4 years! So, I’ll see everyone and everything around, but for the moment don’t expect anything new. Also, sorry if I take a while to reply to /msg’s and stuff.

*hugs and kisses*,
Princess Therion.

PS – I hope the new e2 never comes….

Woohoo! Level 3 - more votes, plus I now know who was responsible for this and it turns out to be the very same noder who caused that!

Finally, Level 2 has arrived, and I promised myself (and a few other people) a homenode once I got here.

Hey, come check out the brand new, all improved South African People Registry.
And while you're at it, why not read a traditional South African legend too.

No, I’m not really a princess, but I will be one day!

Lometa says Power to the Princess:)

gitm says Thou dost verily rock the nodegel, fair princess.

For the time being I’m just a little lost soul swimming in a fish bowl. When I left school a few years ago I accidentally studied Computer Science and am now a Java Girl™ but next this year I’m gonna go do what I was meant to do which is study Fashion Design at The London International School Of Fashion. YAY! The day is drawing near, on the 24th life starts again.

Other than that, I’m a bit shy but always friendly. I like to write back to people who /msg me about something and I like to thank people who give me a C! or whatever. If this bothers you, sorry. I also tend to use smiley faces and whatnot quite a lot when I’m just talking, it makes things seem better me thinks.


Once long ago when I first came to E2 and saw that there was a Decline XP From Voting option I was all like, WTF?! Why would anyone do that? I thought that was the whole point of this place… Obviously as time progressed I realized this was not so, never the less I didn’t really agree with all the reasons people gave for checking that box. The general consensus seemed to be that using up all your votes in a day didn’t require any skill and that XP should remain a pure representation of your writing skills.

I see XP as more than that. It’s one type of measure of a users involvement with E2. Because XP can come from so many other places than your write-ups, like voting, quests and blessings, a higher XP shows a greater level of involvement with the system as a whole. And this is a good thing, as all those things go into making this place what it is. As such, I always thought I would never check that box and gain XP through all the possible channels.

However, yesterday when I got to Level 2 I sort of felt sorry that, knowing how much I’m on here, I’d be pretty much guaranteed 6 or 7 XP a day. I like XP, it’s fun to watch it grow and to get a nice surprise when you log on and see someone voted for something of yours. I liked to play little games – at first I wondered if I could go like 1/10, so that when I had 10 w\u’s I could have 100 XP (it sounded like a lot at the time!). When I did that, I wondered if I could get 500 XP by the time I posted my 25th write-up. I did that too, and it was nice.

If I get all this XP from voting it won’t be as much fun. All I’d have to do is node for numbers. That said, I have decided to Decline XP From Voting. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll switch it back on...

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful, scantily-clad woman!

Transitional Man says in 1980-2 Tab Cola ran a TV ad that was nothing more than the camera watching an --ahem-- attractive young woman leave the ocean and walk up on the beach. In a bikini. i remember watching every delicious second every time the ad came on

I am very fond of beautiful things, in all forms and all places. I often wish my eyes were bigger.

I have totally given up trying to work out how a write-up will do. It’s impossible. Noders are just weird. None the less, my four most undeservedly ignored ones:

I really like this node, it reminds me of my loved one.

  • anthropod is the best god
  • wertperch is the best to new noders
  • themanwho is the only person ever who has been able to pronounce my real name just by reading it
  • joes3029 is the best other South African I have met here
  • exceptinsects has a fantastic taste in film
  • Andrew Aguecheek has a lovely smile and has been very nice to me. I want to meet him one day :-)
  • yclept saves the baking day!
  • interrobang has very ++ hair and likes peircings, he must be cool
  • tokki has the most mind-bogglingly fantastic set of write-ups under her belt, and she's groovy too!

It's just a couch.     You are not your job.     There is no spoon.


As one could see by looking at the list of things I’ve written here, I pretty much only do factuals. There are the odd few that are not, but those are the exception, and probably always will be.

I was the little kid at school who was always excited when the teacher gave out a new project to do. While everyone else would be like, 'We have to fill up a whole ten-page flip folder?! Oh woe is me..' I would arrive on the due date with a whole portfolio I’d spent ages making look nice, putting together and researching. I’m still like that.

I love to learn about new things. So normally I’ll pick a topic that I like, know something about or am interested in, then I’ll go find out everything I can about it and try put it in a not too marathon write-up. This way I get to learn details I never would have found out before about things I am genuinely interested in, as well as getting to share them with everyone.

But this is just the way I am. I firmly believe that everything2 is everything and so the daylogs, the stories, the nodes about nodes and the poetry are all of the same importance as the 'actual content'. All those official type documents tell us that we should vote on form and not on content, if the write-up is not technically bad then it should be upvoted. But you just need to look around to see it isn’t so. People vote on things they like, things that they think are funny etc. Someone does a write-up about your most favourite band ever, so long as it’s not terrible you’ll vote it up or maybe even C! it. And that’s all fine and dandy, we’re people, that’s what we do.

My votes go the same way, whatever catches my eye gets one of my meagre 10 votes, normally it’s factuals…. I guess it just seems right to stick to ones own kind? But I’m not going to downvote daylogs just because they are daylogs. I don’t really like poetry at all, not just noder poetry either. Give me the world's best and I’ll still think, 'Um, yeah, I guess that’s nice, but whatever.' So I’m not gonna downvote it just because I don’t get it, I’m sure someone likes it, and if those in the know think it really is bad then it will die its own slow death.

Upvotes are like smiling at people as they walk past, I like to do that :-)

This homenode is under construction, please keep your yellow hat on. Although anyone who starts singing YMCA will be asked to leave immediately!

I have not yet discovered a use for user bookmarks.