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Instant messages, email, and the checking out of my webpage are all welcome.

I am now back at home in Texas.

I try to use up my votes every day. If you draw attention to yourself, I will eventually get around to checking out your stuff and probably give you quite a few upvotes. Just a little incentive. =)

Notes to self concerning the reason certain things were bookmarked:

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Stuff I want to look into further
imaginary places*poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning*Writing and Publishing*Editor Endorsements*Everything I-Ching

perfect flaw*20 ways to pamper your lover without spending a fortune*You are precious to me. Did you know that?*I do*What is this beautiful, beautiful woman settling for?*February 13, 2002

don't force your gay philosophy on me*morality of eugenics*parents should be licensed*the eugenics problem*Terminating a pregnancy due to Down Syndrome*thinking without language*children's emotional needs*Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome*How to make grocery shopping easier*Run Silent, Run Deep