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"Word begets image, and image is virus"
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Bios are so Web 1.0.

I am or have been, in no particular order, a television director, a photographer, a father, a pizza delivery guy, a network engineer, a graphics designer, a cad, a nice guy, a gadget freak, a teacher, and a student. Professionally, I now work in computer security incident response and take particular pleasure in building new tools to gather and analysis incident response data.

When I was growing up (during the Cold War), my father was in the US Air Force. I spent my childhood watching various planes come and go in Tacoma, WA (F-106's), Alconbury, England (RF-4's, F-5's, TR-1's), Zweibruecken, Germany (RF-4's), and Fayetteville, NC (C-130's, F-16's, A-10's). I settled in North Carolina and have been quite happy here, living midway between the rural Old South and the urban New South.

Things I should write...
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Win32 registry last modify times
So you never want to be a manager
The Theory of Demonstrated Competence(done)