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When I joined e2 I thought it would be a great place to hang out with people, read, and write, and I held that opinion for a number of years.

I'm decent at writing, but I've waited my whole life for a story worth telling to occur to me, and I'm tired of that. I feel a lot of people are on e2 because it's a place to put the writing they've done. I'm the opposite: I don't node because I write, I write because I'm a noder and that's what this website's for. I don't even like writing that much. The XP system was the big draw at the beginning, but it's been years since I cared about it.

There are still hundreds of nodes out there that I need to read, but New Writeups seems to be standing still nowadays. I think I've been clicking on one new node a month. Any nodes I would want to vote on already have hundreds of votes and don't need mine. In any case, I don't need an account to read writeups.

At some point this year I lost interest in the catbox, which has been the main reason I've stuck around since 2008 or so. I've made friends here, but this is the internet, after all. They can contact me elsewhere, if necessary.


If you see me wandering around here, it's probably just a trick of the light.

Bye-bye e2. E2Drills 4evr. Peace, love and guacamole. RORO