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mission drive within everything
To foster the capacity of life to organise energy into information to enhance the conditions of it's inception.
fractals; the expression of life; harmonic resonance; the flaws of capitalism; communication; self-sufficiency; decentralisation; gung fu; botany; entheogenic education; excellent cooking; organic chemistry (which is really just excellent cooking)
Tyrell Corporation
You're not dead until you stop learning.
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Incept Date: April 14, 1975

"Firey, the angels fell, And as they fell, deep thunder rolled around their shores ....burning, with the fires of Orc.

Yes. Questions."

How to describe? Where to begin?

Things I like:

Real food- by that I mean real food- tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, meat made by animals being alive.
Being alive- I don't mean surviving, but really being infused with the vitality of living a satisfying, really alive life.
People who can see their parents were never the way they expected you to be.
Giving girls good orgasms and positive sexual experiences.
Winning an argument.
Discovering/inventing ways to boost my self-esteem that don't involve beating anyone else in order to achieve it (this conflicts with the previous thing, I know).
Responsible use of entheogenic principals such as mescaline, psilocybin, THC isomers and other phenethylamines and tryptamines.
Unbiased, verified information on the above.
The inevitable point where governments realise prohibition is missing the point.
Alexander Shulgin's work.
Efficient government.
Appreciation of life's capacity to create.
Appreciation of the fact that once apon a time, everything we consider fact was made up by someone.
Recognising how to change the future from being a handed-down mess of unreconciled freedom and responsibility to a challenge which no one can single-handedly manage, but many can succeed at collaberatively, beginning by agreeing on this much.
Recognition that those things the older generations want so much to save, are the same things the new generations are trying to create, but are stifled before they develop enough for older generations to relate to and recognise.
People who listen to kids, instead of tolerating them.
The idea that eating a carrot is no less cruel than eating a cow... at least the cow can run away.
That, given the previous sentence, killing is impossible to avoid (until we can synthesise protein from oil, air and seawater)- so the best we can hope for is making the living side of every life worth living, and worth perpetuating if yours is, not because you're expected to be inclined to have kids.
Treatng education as serious business, not just a teachers-and-books childminding centre.
The self-destruction of corporate greed.
The Linux kernel, it's development, and some of the distributions which use it.
FreeBSD- the most stable server operating system on earth.
The internet.
"BladeRunner"- the Director's Cut
"A Clockwork Orange".
"Fight Club".
Quotes from "The Dark Crystal", "Labarynth", "Star Wars" (any episode, but the older ones most), "BMX Bandits" and a few other classics.
People who recognise quotes from "The Dark Crystal", "Labarynth", "Star Wars" (any episode, but the older ones most), "BMX Bandits" and a few other classics.
Nine Inch Nails, Led Zeppelin, Legions of Green Men- "Spatial Specific", Rage Against the Machine, ACDC.
People who recognise the fortune in investing in their own knowledge base, instead of paying someone else to come and do things for them in the belief that they will never need the knowledge again themselves.

Things I don't like:

Abusive males.
The idea that the solution to economic problems is in maintaining population growth.
The idea that their needs to be continued population growth, and this is somehow a prerequisite for a satisfying life.
The American love affair with guns, the military, and war and their governments' blind addiction to law enforcement.
"The War on Drugs".
The idea that doctors always know better than their patients about what they should and shouldn't tell about the medicines they prescribe.
The idea that doctors always know better than their patients about the medicines they prescribe- and peoples' willingness to be led by such an idea.
The insane notion that the internet was created solely for commercial gain.
The synthetic bubble that is the legal system.
The idiotic notion of security 90% of computer users- in particular businesses- have.
When the concious implications of a learning experience is so painful life decides instinctively it is not worth continuing. It is very hard to change this decision. It is also arguably a bad idea to try to change it. People who seem to actively enjoy the suffering of other life.
Destruction of old growth forests for wood chips and housing frames.
The polluting of the top 30mm of the sea by effluent, ship exhaust and oil spills. The top 30mm is where most of our oxygen comes from.
Lists of negative shit which never seem to go anywhere.

Please read the Things I like again now, it will look different.