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To strike at the moment of my choosing
Finding relevance in the irrelevant.
Oh, these insufferable Pollyannas who keep insisting that 'up' is the only way to go once you've hit bottom! There's 'sideways' too, y'know. And sideways goes on for miles and miles and miles..... Have a nice day. :o)
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"And Englebert Humperdinck! Yes, he was the man. That’s not his real name. He’s from Britain, but that’s not his name. There’s very few Humperdincks in Britain. He was born Jerry Dorsey, not Englebert Humperdinck. His parents were not Mr. and Mrs. Humperdinck. They never said, “What shall we call our son so he does not get the shit kicked out of him at school?” “We shall call him Englebert!” “Good, that’ll work!” No, his name was Jerry Dorsey. And he released – he released songs as Jerry Dorsey. Songs such as “Ohhhh…uvvvahhabecha…” which didn’t work cause nobody could hear what he was saying. And then his managers, obviously, said, “We’re going to change your name, Jerry! It’s the name that’s the problem.” And his name changed from Jerry Dorsey to Englebert Humperdinck. I mean, I just wanted to be in the room when they were working that one through. “Zinglebert Bembledack! Yingeebert Dymbleban! Zynglebert Bingleback! Winglebert Humptyback! Slut Bonwalla!” “What?” “All right, Cringlebert Fischeebuns! Steviebuns Bottrittrundens…” “No, 'Jerry Dorsey', I like Jerry Dor – ” “No, we can’t do… Who we got? Zinglebert Bembledack, Tringlebert Wangledack, Slut Bonwalla, Clingeebun Fistlebars, Dindlebert Zendledack, uhh, Jerry Dorsey, umm, Englebert Humptyback, Zenglebert Bengledack, Englebert Humperdinck, Vinglebert Wingledanck – ” “No, no, go back one. Go back one.” “Englebert Humperdinck.” “That’s it!” And it worked! But he’s dead now......"

After nearly a year and 1/2 of coming and going
and snooping, and reading, and spying, and prying
and tentatively offering up my own crap for approval {or otherwise},
I have finally decided................. I like E2.

jet-poop - funny and poignant
sid - exquisitely consistent, indespensable.
riverrun - has left me muttering "Holy fuck".
halspal - has left me speechless.
theonomist - comedy gold
dannye - like a toasted, coconut-coated marshmallow - kinda crispy, with a gooey center
pengouin - reading through his nodes is a joyous trip down musical memory lane for me.


Questions, comments, moral dilemmas causing distress?
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