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to LIVE FOREVER!! (currently failing to do so.)
movie literacy and criticism.
University of Edinburgh
I'm sure I'll find something suitably witty and use it as a cheap alternative to a real motto sometime.
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The Criterion Collection
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Currently at Edinburgh University, studying for a degree in Computer Science. Enjoying the course, although the mathematics will kill me eventually.

Likes : Going out, Getting drunk, Cinema, Half-Life and Walking, and not to mention Star Wars. Interested in Game Development, and new technology, especially DVD's and playing BOFH on my cobbled together Linux box.

Dislikes : Hmm, anyone that thinks Britney Spears has a modicum of talent..

Oh, let's face it, she's crap! And you know it, deep in your soul.

I also love programming as a pasttime, solving problems and comedy. I'd also enjoy writing and filming stuff, although the limits of money and time tend to get in the way.

Made a genuine promise to myself to commence noding all my lecture note essay material on e2, in a vain effort to gain some much needed XP and so I can easily access it later.