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OK, due to popular demand, I will write a real homenode to let all of you people know who I actually am.

First off, before you prejudge me because of my screen name, let me explain what the SKETCHY crew is. The sketchy crew is a group of me and my friends who ride bmx or skate, we all worked very hard together this summer to build a nice ramp setup in my barn, we wanted to have something to call ourselves, so we came up with the sketchy crew. We (the bmxers) also worked extremely hard to build some massive dirt jumps in my woods last summer. So sorry if you think my screen name is immature because of the caps or whatnot. Try talking to me, I can carry some very interesting conversations if I'm interested in what you are talking about.


-Josh Lowery (bmx)

-Josh Stauffer (bmx

-Shane Work (bmx)

-Steve Kulish (bmx)

-Matt Altman (skater and drunk)

-Joe Chase (skater)

-Buddy Leed a.k.a. "nigger" (bmx)

-"Little Dan" (sketchy crew drug supplier)

- and many more kids who wish they could be in the sketchy crew.

-and I hate photoshop.