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Relaxing with youngest grand-daughter on north shore of Columbia R. near where we lived over 22 yrs. (April, 2013).

Professional Experience:

* Teacher/Counselor in Wa. state schools (16 yrs.) -- language arts, human relations, career development.
* Teamster (20 yrs.) at intermodal port facilities for automobile import/export -- driver, accessory installer, locator, Autostack operator, surveyor.
* Editor Latitude (a small journal focused on expressive arts) 2016.


* Creative writing (25 verses & a flashfiction pub. by others 2011-20).
* Amateur photography, gardening & cooking, carpentry.
* Wildlife observations -- mammals, birds, wildflowers, etc.
* Competitive swimmer (way back in my teens).

Notes Concerning Write-Ups

  • Inspiration suggested I paste "Ketchup" below "Rooming House," and "Network" below that, make a few minor improvements, and consider it a short fiction titled "Passage" ... offered it to an anthology Timberland Writes Together near end of March, 2015, but it was not selected by the judges. Sometime during the summer I dropped the Ketchup section, began the second section with 'We saw the old man again...' and wrote a mostly new ending paragraph w/o Network's dialog over game of 8-ball. Called the story "Rooming House" for inclusion in my 4th chapbook (Persimmons, Oct. '15).
  • Re oysters, north american (pesticide writeup): Associated Press reported Sunday afternoon (May 3, 2015) that expressions of public dissatisfaction concerning the pesticide permit had caused the Willapa Grays Harbor Oyster Growers Assoc. to reconsider. The association had written a letter to Wash. Dept. of Ecology asking to "withdraw" from the permit, and Ecology promptly cancelled Waste Discharge Permit No. WA0039781. See .